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Newspilot is an editorial planning and production system. Central in Newspilot is story planning including resource planning, with the goal to reduce the workload on desk staff and minimize repetitive tasks. More than 150 media houses are using Newspilot. It supports all editorial processes from planning, gathering, creating, writing, tagging, proofing, image workflow, selecting, editing, producing and archiving – for publication of print and online products. The possibility to customize interface and workflows makes it suitable for both smaller newspapers, magazines and media houses.

Martin Sandersson, editorial Svenska Dagbladet about Newspilot:

“It is a huge advantage to have all material in one place and accessible for all editorial staff.”

At Svenska Dagbladet Newspilot is used for planning content, setting deadlines, making sure that all resources are used in the most efficient way. Your are able to see who is doing what. Newspilot also gives you a great overview over the progress of the production.

Read more about editorial planning at Svenska Dagbladet.

Daniel Bertils, the newspaper group Hälsingetidningar’s managing editor about Newspilot:

“We had a good idea of what we needed: An editorial system in which everyone can see what is going on in all newspapers. It had to be simple to move texts between newspapers. We needed a planning tool that would enable synergies.”

 daniel BertilsHälsingetidningar have been able to reduce staffing by 10-12 percent while editorial resources effectively have expanded by 10 percent. Copyediting work have been reduced and some articles can be used in several of the newspapers.

Read more about how Hälsingetidningar work with sharing content between several newspapers.


Daniel Nantell, Production Manager at Dagens Nyheter iPad edition about Newspilot:

“We went for the best solution and Newspilot was the best editorial system that would work both for the printed paper and the iPad version. We wanted to work with a modern solution where we didn’t have to invent everything and be the driving force behind new developments of the system.”


Sweden’s largest morning newspaper Dagens Nyheter, DN, was the country’s first to launch an iPad version of the printed paper. Now, the editors of DN Digital publish an iPad edition seven days a week. Before settling on Newspilot as part of the solution for digital publishing, other editorial software was evaluated.

Read more about Dagens Nyheters iPad production.



Newspilot gives you an overview over the newsrooms resources and content production. Newspilot supports efficient print and digital publishing everywhere. Newspilot is a tool for planning newsevents, content and resources. Sharing content between different newspapers, magazines or digital channels is easy.




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