• The interface of the Digital Writer is simple, modern and intuitive and and doesn't need any introduction.

• Structured text

• Embedded content such as images, videos, studies or code.

• Social embeds

• Teasers, summaries and boxed content

• Built in workflow for images

• Meta data

• AI support

• Workflow for publishing

• Open for developers to add extra plugins

Writing and creating content i our Digital Writer is smooth and simple. The core of the writer is a well tested, speedy and structured text editor that allows your reporters to stay focused.

Digital enrichments

In the Digital Writer you can easily embedd tweet, instagram pictures, Facebook-posts or Linkedin-posts by drag-and-drop functionality or by pasting its url:s. Create teasers for your article, fully adopted to the webb, apps or social media.

Enrich your articles with boxed content, summaries or reviews. Or write your own plugin to the Digital Writer to make the addtions you need.

As a user you drag-and-drop images to your article, the Writer takes care of the rest. As a standard the image is beeing uploaded and stored in the Amazon S3 cloud. The meta-data will be extracted and an image preview is beeing created. With help from predefined soft-crops an imagecrop are automatically created without any involvement from the user. But of course you can adjust the image manually.

Metadata is king

Almost as important as the content it self is the meta data of the article. In a world controlled by algoritms, an article without metadata is almost invisible.

The Digital Writer has a number of adjustable fields for meta data so that you can classify your content the way you want. For example, categories, person, organisation, location, event or product.

The meta data used for publishing is easy to add wich makes the user love working in the user friendly interface of the Digital Writer.

Meta data can also be added by an integrated AI-service like the Google Natural Language API.

Develop your own plugins

TT Nyhetsbyrån have developed an image plugin for the Digital Writer so that you, as a user, are able to search for images from TT directly in the Digital Writer. Search, choose and drag-and-drop the images to the article.

Flowplayer, Screen9 and YouPlay have also developed plugins so that you will be able find, and enrich, your article with their video content.

Sharing is caring

The plugins you are creating can be shared with others, or not. If you miss a plugin, your developers can easily create new plugins for you that makes everyday worklife easier for your reporters.

To get started building your own plugin, just talk to your regular infomaker-contact to get access to an environment and a public developer portal.

List of third party integrations

Several vendors have created there own plugins to the Writer.

- Norkon Computing Systems AS med Livecenter for sports live sending.

- PlayAd Media Group integration video with Youplay.

- Screen 9 video integration.

- Flowplayer video integration (partners).

- TT Nyhetsbyrån with TT material.

- Tansa AS adds their language tools to the Writer.

- Elysium AB with AI- tagging for automated workflows.

- Imatrics with integration to AI-taggning.

Infomaker have created integrations to:

- Sociala Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter),

- Youtube,

- wire news from AP,

- Hunspell for correct spelling,

- Google Maps

and many more to come.

Further reading

Please, download and read our product sheet about the authoring tool Writer.

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