Basic features

• Modern, sleek UX experience

• One common tool for your users

• Customizable workspaces

• Customizable user profiles

• Module and extension based

• Developer friendly

• Resource planning with Newsroom Planner

• Publishing planning with Newsday planner

• Open for you and other third parties

• Push notification app

• Suggest search

Scandinavian Newsroom standard setup with Newsroom Planner, Publication Planner, Digital Editions, List Management, Metadata management, to-do list and much more to facilitate an efficient editorial workflow.

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Dashboard product sheet

Customer stories

Example Images

Some images that shows examples of plugins and apps in Dashboard.

Digital Writer in Dashbord.
Working with Mobile app's push notifications in Dashboard.
Concept admin
Comparing concepts in Concept admin
Lists management for web presentation or app presentation.


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