Basic features

• Built on Wordpress – easy to get started

• Scalable and redundant architecture with continous development

• Easy to use page structure tools

• Of course it’s responsive and simple to show/hide content depending on device

• Editor-friendly workflow (Wordpress not required at all in the day to day work)

• Integrated with Infomaker Dashboard

• Infomaker Digital Writer ready

• Decoupled approach with the content stored in Open Content

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Common questions

Everyware in combo with existing Wordpress sites or pages

You can mix and match standard Wordpress pages with Everyware boards, for example you can run certain page as ordinary Wordpress pages and other as Everyware pages and some as a combination of standard Wordpress and Everyware boards and/or Widgets.

Standard Wordpress pages are common for static content and information. That is the normal case at all sites.

It is more tricky to have a standard page in combination with a Everyware board, as "the_content" is "hijacked" and the board content is replacing the page content, but is do-able, although more tortuous.

Menus, footers etc are available. Anything that belongs to the template is available. And you can have sidebars on a page-template and you can fill that with widgets, and in fact also a widget that renders an Everyware board, so creatives ways of working are there.

Bootstrap is built in

Everyware has built in support for Bootstrap, in different versions. And there is a possibility to add other. There is no support for Google's Material today. There has been sites that used Foundation and Suites, but that is not included at all in later versions of Everyware - it was several years ago.

Concepts in Everyware

What actually is happening when Everyware uses a Concept (from Open Content) is at High level we get concepts to Wordpress to enable us to build site structure with for example Category pages that gets dynamic URL's based on concepts and their parents.

As we listen to the event log we can sync the site.

Concepts will become a custom post type object of the type “concept”. Like articles will become a post type object of the type "article".


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