Newspilot is an editorial planning- and productionsystem for publishing of both print- and online content. Newspilot is a traditional print solution that we combine with our digital solutions Infomaker Dashboard and Digital Writer.

Lean print production

Newspilot gives a very clear overview of planning, what is going to be produced and published and it is easy to controll that content will be published according to plan. Planning of resourses and content production goes hand in hand. Planning meetings can be held based on the overview of the total planning in Newspilot. As an editor you have a great overview of how the material grows during production. You get information about textlengths, images, graphics and videos beeing addes and who makes what.

In Newspilot it is easy to share content between editions, papers, magazines and digital channels. Material can be linked during production and kan be released for channel specific editing at the time of publishing.

You choose if you want to work in a strictly webb-based environment, if so you use Infomaker Dashboard and Writer. In the desktop application you get acces to other features to handle more advanced print production. Today, many reporters and freelancers use the webb based Dashboard and Writer while the newsdesk, on site at the officce uses Newspilot desktop application.


Newspilot Whiteboard has been developed based on ideas from physical whiteboards and sheets of paper. This has turned into a digital whiteboard where both ads and editorial content can be planed and produced. Drag-and-drop ads, ads booking surfaces, article templates and much more. Let InDesign server create pages based on your planning.

Newspilot Whiteboard is a part of our desktop application for advanced print production.

Download and read our Product sheet about Newspilot.

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