The benefits of an App Platform

The Infomaker App Platform minimizes the cost of development work by delivering an out-of-the-box solution. A powerful, well-tested app platform enables launching of a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, without the financial and resource demands that typically accompany native app development.

The app incorporates best-in-class features like news feeds, follow topics or geo, push notifications, digital editions, onboarding, login flow, ads display, statistics and a lot more. Your readers got a native, amazingly fast and smooth user experience. That helps you to attract, engage and grow your audience.

Pure native app

Native means that that the app is built for each platform, taking advantage of the platforms maximum performance and behaviour. No auto-multi platform, no conversion, no web app. Just snappiness and smoothness. Exactly what you readers expects.

Branded and customized

The app is a white label app, and is branded with your graphic design and navigation, integrated to your Ad platform, subscription system, statistics etc. The App Platform fits perfectly together with the Infomaker Content Creation tools and Open Content backend.

Built for the user

The whole App Platform is built with the end user in mind. The performance, smoothness and ease of use provides a state-of-the-art reader experience your users will love.

Built for you

Easy onboarding, integration and publishing process. Use your own OC content repository or connect your content source to our cloud service. Adjust our standard setups to fit your needs.

Your app, your strategy.

Getting started with the App platform is easy. Include your content and your publishing strategy. Integrate your ad serving system. Make money on your products as you like. Design and refine over time.

Future proof

Using the Infomaker App The App Platform minimizes the cost of development and gives you fast access to bug fixes and enhancements.

Invisible advanced functions

The Live content Cloud backend not only gives you an instant publishing process, it also gives your readers personalized content, push notification and topic- or geo based news feeds.

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