Easy user onboarding

Use the built-in onboarding flow to set up an easy onboarding for your users. You can have a “My Feeds Setup” that lets your readers choose their own feeds.

Onboarding for my topics, geo or other.

Or create geo-based news feed using a map to select an area of interest

Another way is of course to recommended topics to follow in the article view.

Mobile users are really familiar with news and media feeds in social media apps and top-class news apps. The user expect the content feed to be fast, smooth, rock-solid and always updated, in real time.

And the presentation of the content has to be just as good as the feed. Rich, instant loading, smooth swipe, native feeling and superior design.

The Content Feed module is the answer to those needs. Content is loaded fast and native and is beautifully presented.

Content feeds can be limited or have endless scroll. The feeds could be curated by your editors or created by algorithms. Updates are pushed to the reader in real time, in a similar way as many modern social media apps.

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