Ideas for hacks

You can hack on what ever you want for two days, but you have to come prepared and have you idea well packed. You need to think our thing trough before the hackathon days, so that you are arriving well prepared.

Below are some ideas

What can be good things for journalists in investigative jobs, journalist that analyses big data, journalists that publish investigative stories, journalists that have sensitive information in their stories, articles and posts, journalists that work in a super-specific segments.

Tools for journalism

Search engine searching on "right" pages, such as reviewed pages.

Scraping ideas/techniques to gather facts about a subject.

Facts / fake news ideas.

Which tools can be used to work with investigative search, data and reports in Infomaker's Writer / Dashboard

Image management that supports the investigative work.

Writing aids, type Aiasstant, as support in writing work.

Social Media as the source of crowd sourcing, what tools are there?

Integration of crowd sourcing tools.

Data journalism of any kind.

Tests and ideas based on Acta Publica´s API.

Usage of Google tools.

Front-end och Presentation of Gräv

Presentation of investigative jobs - how to do that in a modern way > the experience in different medias.

App possibilities.

Techniques to publish sensitive stories.

UX-concept to publish complex materials.


AI-issues - what can be achieved with AI och machine-learning added to the investigative work?

Image management/analysis as source for information.

Graph- attempt/application.

Security issues at publication of sensitive stories.




Hackathon related material