The work is in full progress and is planned to go live in April/May. The project began after Äripäev visited a customer in Sweden that also uses Infomakers digital products. They liked what they saw and contacted Infomaker in November last year.

Since then, things has been happening really fast. Thanks to an open architecture, well tested and well documented products, that are easy to learn and use, Äripäev themselves have been very active in implementing and developing all the integreations and Writer-plugins needed.

“Äripäev have been very self going, and eager to learn more all the time about our Creation Universe. It’s exciting to see how far they have come in so short time.” says Kristofer Pasanen, CEO Infomaker Finland.

The agreement states that Infomaker delivers a SaaS solution with Writer, Dashboard and an Open Content digital backend with a for 60 users.

“We are really excited about this project. Äripäev have shown great professionalism in both project management and technical skill set. We are happy to be a part of their digital onwards journey.” says Karin Söderlund, CEO Infomaker.

“We've been looking for a good replacement to our legacy CMS since last autumn. The main criteria we set was that the tool has to respect writers' and editors' time - editing and publishing a story should not take more than three minutes; the system has to be multi-site and multi-language, and it has to be technically flexible and customizable.

We had the whole list of functional features prepared but when we saw the Writer while visiting our sister company Sydsvenskan, it was a "wow"-moment because we realized that actually a good tool can be clean and simple and still deliver the functionality. The rest is history. I was pleased by prompt and warm response from Infomaker's team. We nailed the deal very quickly. But most important – 1.5 months since the deal we are weeks away from going Live with Infomaker's digital suite that will serve content to Äripäev's 22 sites. To me this is the best proof that we made a good choice.” says Dmitri Kovagin, Head of Digital Development at Äripäev.

Questions are gladly answered by,

Dmitri Kovagin, Head of Digital Development, Äripäev


Phone: +372 524 8592

Kristofer Pasanen, CEO Infomaker Finland


Phone: +358400899637

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