Norran had a wish to improve and simplify the way their reporters and editors worked and the challenge was to plan the technique around this to create the workflow they wanted. It had to be seamless, quick, simple and free. They wanted to be able to move seamlessly between environments, independent of physical and/or digital place.

The project started out in early spring 2017 when the deal was signed and later that spring we went live with a new ePaper. In September work began with the Everyware site and in February 2018 we were ready to go live with the entire new workflow that also contained the Writer, Dashboard, OC-lists and a Newspilot integration.

This new workflow means that for a webb editor for example, content comes first. Focus is on the different strengths of the webb. They use the digital Writer in Chrome and complements it with OC-lists to control the content of the site. To this they have added Newsday Planner to control the content in time slots over days, hours and channels. Everything in order to publish the right content, in the right time, at the right day for maximum attention.

The challenge in this big project was to go live with everything at the same time. Development has run parallel to project management the entire time and it has been very intense and complex.

“At the beginning we chose Infomakers digital solutions because we wanted to get better synergy effects with our current print structure. After the project is done we can note that these digital solutions has the power to stand on their own, whether or not you have the previous Infomaker structure or not” says Theodor Ekenstedt, News chief Norran.

“We have a very high development speed when it comes to new tools at Infomaker and to be able to go live with our entire Universe, with a driven client like Norran, has been both challenging and very funny. Norran is a customer with clear visions and goals, that focuses on editorial staff and the reader and Infomaker has the technical platform and the tools to support this. Together we created the conditions needed to reach effect and results. Norran now have modern tools adapted to the needs of today which has changed a lot the past years. To publish, in different channels, enrich content according to needs and at different times during the day is not only possible, it’s quick and easy. As expected today” says Ulrika Billström, project manager Infomaker.

Questions are gladly answered by,

Theodor Ekenstedt

News chief, Norran


Phone. +46 720-506 901

Ulrika Billström

Project manager, Infomaker


Phone. +46 733-85 94 94

About Norran

Since 1972 Norran is owned by a foundation named Skelleftepress. This is an organisation that consists of thirty different stakeholders in the Norran area. The stakeholders are individuals that stands behind the magazines liberal ideas but are also engaged in the development of the community. When the foundation choses new stakeholders an even gender balance as well as age and representation from the different areas of the region is important.

About Infomaker

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