Besides personalized news the app also contains digital editions that are published in the morning and at night. A selection of the best news, nicely packed and presented to the reader. The regularity of the digital editions gives a constant reminder of MinBT.

-We have developed the concept MinBT to improve the experience for our paying customers that visit us in their smartphones. The number of mobile readers continue to grow and by having an app with a log in from the start we hope to increase the key figures when it comes to number of logged in customers in total and more specifically mobile customers, says Morgan Andersson Business development manager at Gota Media.

-During the development we have had daily contacts and frequent reconciliations. I see this project as a very successfull coorporation between Gota Media and Infomaker. This is the result from very skilled and engaged coworkers in both companies, says Jonas Dahlin Businessdeveloper and projectmanager at Gota Media.

-The apps are built entirely on Infomakers plattform for news- and media apps but at the same time fully adopted to Gota Medias design, functions and news flows. Instead of getting stuck in expensive development projects this project has been able to focus on content and user experience says Peter Månsson, CTO Infomaker.

-We are convinced that MinBT leads to a greater value of BT:s content, experienced by the readers. Experience from other app projects shows on longer time spent per session, as well as more page views. Although it is just the first few weeks we can se this as a clear trend for MinBT as well, Peter Månsson continues.

-In the first phase we have concentrated our marketing efforts towards excisting customers. After one week we have over 10 000 users. We can already se that the readers spend longer time, and reads more articles in the app compared to logged in customers at the site. This is a very good start, says Jonas Dahlin.

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Do you want to know more about Gota Medias new apps and their functions? Please contact,

Jonas Dahlin

Business developer, Gota Media AB


Phone: +46 (0)70 977 87 88

Peter Månsson

CTO, Infomaker AB


Phone: +46 (0)70 558 84 80

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The Gota Media group takes off in their publicistic value base and in the mission from the owners to play an important and active role in keeping the democracy alive. The method is classic journalism, news, building opinion, information, examination and education. With a strong local presence and close relations to readers, customers and other actors the brands of the Group offer an efficient and relevant marketing communication for enterprise and retail. The Group is owned by two foundations that emphasizes long term ownership and the need for free press voices. In the conversion to the new media landscape Gota Medias strategy is both classic print and digital development.

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