Infomaker attended the nutcracker evening this week. It was held at the coffee shop Balck's coffee in Kalmar city. The event itself is arranged by Kalmar Science Park and Drivhuset in Kalmar. Beside Infomaker, Kalmar energi was taking part with two interesting questions about Internet of things (I o T).

Beforehand, we thought a lot about our questions. What questions are relevant to ask? What questions can give interesting results? Du we have any urgent questions?

Our questions came to deal with some different as aspects of "What is news and experiences of news?" We also wanted to hear what the general impression is of an attractive employer.


Infomaker Questions:

1. In what way do you consume news? What do you include in the term “news”?

2. What is a good experience when it comes to consumption of news digitally. What technics and function is important to today and tomorrow?

3. We are hiring web developers to our content lab in Kalmar (see our site or facebook) and we are interested in how you perceive the image of Infomaker. What do you think makes an attractive employer?

The other company, Kalmar Energi, had to very interesting future questions. Their hardcracked nuts were:

1. What should be connected in a smart city (digital solutions with sensors and connections) as solutions for both you as a resident and as a visitor, and you can see benefits for companies located in the city (for example property owners)?

2. Based on your own preferences, what would you like to have in a smart city if the infrastructure will be available today?


The students were in four teams and it was very energized discussion for about one and a half hour.

Summary of the results

Some goodies from all the teams:

Team 1

"If you're short in time!" we want this features: By the headlines, add "estimated reading time", "Easy button" - gives you a quick summary of the article, "Listen button" - reads it out so you can listen to it instead and "Summary" of the news of the day is needed.

Team 2

Culture and ethics -> freedom to express your views is important core values of an employer as that is core for the company's customers.

Team 3

A good experience is news presented with a quick overview which lets the reader decide if he/she is interested in reading more deeply about it.

Want the experience: "feel like we're experiencing the news ourselves"

Team 4

Frivilliga eller ofrivilliga nyheter (Voluntary or involuntary news) , as a fresh description of the News-Terminology

Motivation for the winning Team 3

---> They give good visualization of how to consume and "embrace" news today and tomorrow.

Good ideas about short news on distinct places, for example bus stops and deeper reading in the bus.

----> Long list of thing's to think about to be an attractive employer and how to grow your co-workers, grow as an employee, including "Live the brand".